About us

What's in a name?

The name Synédrio or Συνέδριο is derived from the Greek word meaning "Auditors", "Congress" or "Convention" which demonstrates our commitment to the provision of a quality cost sensitive solution to our clients and overriding mind set that any solution offered is a result of a synergistic relationship between parties.


As a firm we have adopted a philosophy of regarding your business and related operations as our own priority which indicates that we offer a quality service to all of our clients. We understand that at the outset we are providers of technical expertise and having the ability to solve problems however we want to quickly migrate into having the ability to put issues in context and to provide perspective and input even as it pertains to the strategy of your organisation ensuring that we do not merely offer a service as a consultant but rather as a trusted advisor within the applicable service level agreement and applicable laws, regulations and professional body pre-requisites and requirements.

The firm was established in 2015 and has since successfully provided a vast array of cost sensitive solutions to a range of consulting, advisory and assurance clients - Your Business Our Priority.​

Though an independent service provider, we believe in building strong relationships with all clients that allows for management to have the ability to consult with us on a broad range of issues. As trusted advisors we want our clients to turn to us when an issue first arises, often in times of great urgency: a crisis, a change, a triumph, or a defeat.

Do you speak Synédrio?

The Syn

the Syn is pronounced in the same manner  you would pronounce the “syn” in synergy  within the solutions we offer our clients.

The é

the é is pronounced in the same manner you  would pronounce the “e” in extra mile we walk  for our clients.

The drio

the drio is pronounced in the same manner  you would pronounce “trio” with but replacing  the “t” with a “d” similar to the flexibility in our  vast array of solutions we offer our clients.

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Our corporate brand

The logo

The Synédrio executive management believes that the vision incorporated into the service delivery of the firm encompasses a vast range of services for any size and type of entity which is symbolised by the use of various size of blocks. 

Furthermore, the various sizes of the blocks represent the commitment of the team to provide innovative tailored solutions by "thinking outside of the box" which resulted in various sized boxes demonstrating the flexibility of our services.

The colours

Black - Represents: Authority, Power, Boldness, Elegance and Sophistication.

Red - Represents: Passion, Love, Health, Excitement and Life.

Blue - Represents: Professionalism, Trust, Authority, Power and Loyalty.

White - Represents: Pure, Clean and Goodwill.

The tagline

The executive team is passionate about transforming the initial perceived idea of an external consultant or advisor into a committed trusted advisor of our clients through building a sustainable trust relationship as if we were part of the internal management team of our clients rather than an outsider. "Your Business. Our Priority." was born from this mind set.