Advisory solutions

List of solutions

We provide the following advisory solutions:


  • Internal control design, implementation and monitoring;

  • Risk management procedures;

  • Perform technical research and issue of opinions;

  • Due diligence engagements;

  • JSE IFRS advisor function;

  • KING III reviews and compliance;

  • Governance and regulatory compliance;

  • Talent management and training.

Various consulting services

Based on the principles of the firm in relation to providing an all-encompassing solution offering, we provide a wide range of consulting services. The Synédrio team has a vast range of experience in relation to the consulting services offered.

All services will be conducted within the relevant and current issued International Standards, regulations and frameworks.

The provision of additional advisory services will be dependent on other engagements performed for a client to ensure that none of our fundamental principles have been compromised due to a conflict of interest or threat to our independence.

Furthermore we have a network of specialists available to address other needs our clients might have for example BBBEE-verifications, Human Resource solutions and legal advisory solutions.