Independent Review Solutions

List of solutions

We provide the following assurance solutions:

  • Independent reviews in terms of the Companies Act regulations and requirements;

  • Performance of agreed-upon procedures;

  • Assistance in tax audits; and

  • Calculation of Public Interest scores.

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Providing a level of assurance

During 2011 the accounting and auditing spheres in the South African landscape were changed dramatically with the introduction of a new updated Companies Act which introduced new criteria for determining the whether an entity needs to be audited or not. This is determined by the Public Interest Score or the statute of the entity.

The performance of an independent review, requires the application of the International Standard on Review Engagements (ISRE 2400). Furthermore, it includes the application of objectivity, professional competence, skepticism and professional judgement.

The independent review solution by Synédrio, is based on a combination of technical competencies and a detailed knowledge of the client, the industry, the market, the applicable laws and regulations and applicable accounting standards and principles.


The primary focus of an independent review is the examination of the financial statements, but that is not where it ends. The independent review team’s in-depth knowledge obtained during an engagement of a client’s affairs, coupled with the expertise available, enables us to provide value-added input to your business activities within the framework our Independence.