Monthly solutions

List of solutions

We provide the following monthly accounting solutions:


  • Monthly cashbook processing;

  • Monthly revenue and trade debtor processing;

  • Monthly supplier and trade creditor processing;

  • Fixed asset register processing and maintenance;

  • General ledger maintenance;

  • Trial balance generation;

  • Monthly management accounts; and

  • Monthly payroll administration and payslip generation.


We provide the following monthly indirect tax compliance solutions:


  • Reconciliation of VAT 201 forms and VAT accounting system summary report;

  • Completion and submission of statutory VAT 201 returns on e-filing;

  • Reconciliation of EMP 201 forms and payroll summary;

  • Completion and submission of statutory EMP 201 returns on e-filing;

  • Bi-annual EMP 501 preparation and submissions;

  • Monitoring and pro-active communication of compliance status with SARS;

  • Communication with SARS on our client's behalf in the event of corrective actions or administration; and

  • Registration of all tax indirect types.

Monthly accounting and indirect taxes

An integral part of running any business, is the maintenance of proper accounting records in the prescribed format. Furthermore, improper maintenance of accounting records will lead to tax non-compliance with indirect taxes such as Value-Added Taxation and Employees Tax due to completion of respective returns with incorrect information or the late submission of returns.


In terms of section 28 of the Companies Act of South Africa, every entity to which the Act is applicable needs to keep accurate and complete accounting records at its registered office or be accessible from the registered office.


It is regarded an offence when a company fails to keep accurate or complete accounting records, to keep accounting records in the incorrect format or to falsify accounting records. 


The improper handling of tax affairs and non-compliance with the various tax deadlines will result in financial consequences and expenses in the form of fines and penalties which has an direct effect on the cash flows of any business.


The Synédrio team has vast experience in the accounting sphere and financial management role within an entity. The team has been involved in the financial management role of entities from a monthly accounting and indirect taxation perspective. 


We make use of reputable software solutions known in the market and ensure that our software are always up to date with all changes to legislation and regulations which are backed-up in line with our internal policy.


Our team has the ability to provide a good quality service in terms of monthly accounting and indirect tax needs your business requires on a monthly basis.

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