Secretarial solutions

List of solutions

We provide the following secretarial and corporate statutory solutions:


  • The registration of companies with the CIPC.

  • The formation of companies.

  • The preparation, completion and lodgement of Annual Returns.

  • Drafting and amendments lodgement with the CIPC of a company's Memorandum of Incorporation.

  • Conversion of companies and close corporations.

  • Conversion and the alteration of the shares issued of a company including the allotment, repurchase and transfer of shares.

  • The drafting of ordinary and special resolutions.

  • Preparing minutes of meetings.

  • The maintenance and storage of statutory records.

  • Secretarial or statutory audits.

  • Statutory inspections in terms of due diligence engagements.

  • Appointment and resignation of directors.

  • Preparing and submission of XBRL financial reporting with CIPC.

Statutory compliance

With the introduction of section 90, and specifically subsection 2 of this section, of the Companies Act of South Africa, we experienced and are still experiencing a shift within the audit and accounting spheres within the South African landscape due to the disqualification of an auditor of a close corporation or company to perform full scope secretarial and certain statutory compliance services for such audit clients in specific circumstances.


Furthermore, we in the find ourselves within a complex legislative and regulatory environment in relation to statutory compliance for appointed secretaries and directorships in relation to companies and close corporations.


We have come to realise that statutory aspects is an area where many businesses fail to comply with the relevant laws and regulations as required by the Companies Act of South Africa due to either inexperienced staff members being responsible to fulfil this function or a lack of knowledge leading to unintentional non-compliance.


The Synédrio team has relevant corporate statutory experience and are up to date with the relevant legislation and regulations as governed by the Companies Act of South Africa. More so have members of our team been involved in statutory audits of private and public listed companies as well as due diligence inspections of secretarial records. 

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”) launched a programme to implement eXtensible Business Reporting Language (“XBRL”) as a digital financial reporting standard for qualifying entities in South Africa by mandating submission of annual financial statements to the CIPC from July 2018. The Synedrio team is equipped with the latest technology which enable us to assist in the conversion of the annual financial statements to XBRL.

As a result, this XBLR is the new way of lodging the annual financial statements which must accompany the annual returns of a company, at the CIPC. XBRL is not an accounting standard and will not change what is reported, only how it is reported.

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